Gardening Tips - January
Plan For The New Year by Les Hutchinson
When HO! HO! HO! becomes OH! OH! OH! we know christmas is over and as gardeners we have much to look forward to. Spring is round the corner and whilst January may be "wintry" don't despair.
You might choose to scan those holiday brochures of far distant sunny places but instead why not peruse those seed and plant catalogues that have dropped through the door.
This is a time to get out in the open air when the weather is right but also an opportunity to plan your garden from indoors. View the area through the window from the comfort of inside, maybe leaning on a radiator.
Were you happy with the layout and plants last year or are you planning changes? Make a list of things to do and seeds or plants you want, have you had the mower serviced, is the greenhouse cleaned and ready for use, can you get into the shed or is it full of junk you will never use?
When you can get out there is a lot to keep you busy and well exercised. Carry out winter pruning, check stakes and ties, prune soft fruit bushes and cut last years raspberry canes down to the ground, check your frost protection, clear that shed out (go on you know it makes sense) and see if you can spot any new shoots appearing. Not a direct gardening tip but please feed our friends the birds, a welcome visitor to any garden.
If you have a heated greenhouse then you can start by sowing some early seeds and plant up some tubs.
Have a wonderful year in your garden and remember it should be a pleasure not a chore.