Gardening Tips - June
This may seem a strange gardening tip but as you read on you'll make the connection - tenuous as it is.
Barbeques can create a lot of unnecessary rubbish but with some forward planning this can be kept to a minimum.
These few simple tips can help both barbequing and the environment.

Try and confirm how many people you are catering for so you only buy what you need.
Plan ahead and make a shopping list., it avoids waste, as you'll only buy what you need.
Buy your fruit and vegetables loose and not pre-packed and look for other BBQ goodies with less packaging. This is good for your pocket as you are buying what you really need and means there is less packaging in your bin. You also get to choose the best items.
Buy freezer packs of bread rolls so you can save and re-use what you don't need.
Limit the number of throwaway products buy a barbeque you can re-use instead of disposable ones.
Use your own cutlery and crockery rather than paper plates and plastic knives and forks and why not use a glass hire service from a local off-licence/shop instead of plastic cups.
Put a recycling container next to the cool box to collect empty drinks cans and bottles use one each for cans and bottles, and your guests can do the sorting for you.
Keep meat in the fridge and only bring out food to be cooked when needed. You can freeze what you don't cook and avoid throwing away too much unused food if you bring it all out at once.
Avoid putting out large quantities of perishable food bread, salads and fruit. Use smaller serving dishes and top them up.
Keep any fruit and vegetable peelings, and uncooked leftover food eg salads, but not meat or dairy products, and put in a home compost bin a lot of what you throw away could easily be transformed into compost to make your garden bloom.