A well maintained and clean mower will help you create a beautiful lawn.

I love Spring anywhere, but if I could choose, I would always greet it in the garden.

Ruth Stout


Gardening Tips - March
The Lawn by Peter Franks
Over much of the British Isles Spring arrives in March and following their Winter resting period plants resume growth when the daily mean temperature rises above 6C (43F).
To the gardener this means the time when the lawn starts to grow again. However, this month has the most pronounced temperature variations from day to day and the widest variations from year to year.
Make sure the mower is cutting correctly by turning the cylinder to check whether it will cut paper evenly along its length. Tighten or slacken the adjusting screws as necessary. Re-seed any worn areas in the lawn, first levelling any depressions, continue spiking the lawn and raking it vigorously a number of times at right angles to each other.
This will get rid of dead grass, debris and moss and allow air and water to enter the turf. Make sure all the arisings are removed from the lawn to improve drainage and create healthy turf. If conditions are favourable apply a Spring fertiliser towards the end of the month. Cut rhe grass when it is about 3" high, making sure that all the debris including worm casts are removed.
Always collect clippings of grass at this time of the year to discourage disease.